shelleylynn2010 (shelleylynn2010) wrote,

Academy Awards---Go TIM

well tonight's the night..

The Academy Awards®

and i think Tim Burton is in one of the catogories so good luck Tim I hope he i am so bored noone is online...I'm bored...W00t i hope tim burton wins tonight if he does i'm going to be happy if he don't oh well..there's always next year..

well last night me mom and dad watched "walk the line" i liked it it was really good..i love reese witherspoon

well i'll update later

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hey heres an idea, sometime you and lee should come to our youth group, its really fun, becca goes sometimes and she wanted skyla to go, and also lee knows ppl up there, he knows my b/f, joel, he goes up there-duh he id only the preachers son- lol but anywho yall should think about it...gimme a holler if your intereested its on mon and wed from 6-8
aw one comment
and its from a person who buys syphillsacs......dont ask
dont really know you but hey! what better time then now?
so hello, im bo endean and it is a pleasure to meet you
sadly, manisha is one of my best friends so ill dog on her all of the time
so get used to us taking over the comment section of your lj

hey that's a great idea we should do that sometime...nice to meet cha Bo, im s to the h to the e double L nother e and Y (shelley)thanks for the comment
wow....that was c to the o to the n before f to the using