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hey everyone..
well i've done absolutly nothing...i'm bored and i wanna go to the movies..i think tomorrow me and lee are going to the movie with manisha and them..i've never even met them i hope they like me so yeah i've got a little sumtin to look forward...ok so here is what went on when i went on my field trip

well we left at about..8:40..and we all got on the bus i sat with michael a while then i sat with becca the rest of the way..someoen had brought there 20 Q ball with them so we tried to make it say bad things..we got at the art museum at about 10 i think...and we got off the bus and went in and got refreshment and it tasted like sparkling beer so we all thought we were getting drunk off of we look around and it was boring and dumb..the we left and someone had stole triple j's money so we had to wait outside the bus a while and he never got it back..then we went to the mall.and we got in was me, Michael, Becca, sometime brette and princton, and Olivia,(thanks to becca J/K) so when we got there we had to eat sumtin before we went and becca and michael got a lil ice cream cone and olivia by god got a poo poo platter it looked like and it took forever till we actually left to when we finished we went to hibits and got nothing, then we went to FYE...i got Corpse Bride DVD and a Corpse Bride calander..and olivia said to me "you must think tim burton is the whiskers on the cat" and i was like "yeah whiskers" then we went to Game Stop and i got The nightmare b4 x-mas oogies revenge and michael got a basketball game.. then we went back to fye and anthony carroll asked to by MCRcause becca couldn't get it cause she was under age but so is anthony and he was like you can't buy it your not 16..then we went our seprate wayz and me and michael played to games of air hockey while we listened to olivia say "we only have 7 minutes before we have to leave" then we went home and it was so, much fun..

i watched Corpse Bride 5x today and i'm still ain't tired

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