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March 16th, 2006 at 9:16pm]
ok i was just giving ya'll
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March 15th, 2006 at 6:35pm]
ok my new journa is <username=slitted_wrist add me right now
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March 15th, 2006 at 5:46pm]
Hey Everyone i'm getting a new journal..cause this one is gay..and stupid..and the name sucks..i don't know my id yet but i'll post it on here as soon as i get it
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Mardi Gras [Sunday
March 12th, 2006 at 8:17pm]
Well i went to Mardi Gras..it was so much fun..i got thrown in jail from the mintue i got there..then we all played twister..then played limbo..and had the cOnFeTtI fIgHt..it was so much fun..every time i looked up..here came Thomas with five pounds of confetti in his arms ..shoving it in my face..lol. then i gave him a wedgie. and then we cleaned up .. and me and becca got 2 liter cokes adn drank hem..i would have had more if Thomas wouldn't had drunkin all of it...lol..i got tons of photos of me becca and thomas i'll upload them later..aw i watched something on koko the gorilla whn it' lil kitten friend died..aw it was so sad..bye everyone
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* i petted a mule today* [Saturday
March 11th, 2006 at 3:51am]
That's right i petted a mule er a jackass or sumthing like that. anyway/ i'm getting ready to go to mardi i look retarded but i don't care there's bound to be worse dumb looking people than me. today i did nothing..but i did touch a mule..i touch him and it was like instant friendship...friends forever Muley
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March 9th, 2006 at 6:33pm]
i just typed alot stuff but .

I'm ugly and un-proud..what is it like to be pretty i wish i knew..i just got in from moarning at Nikki's grave i miss that ole cat she was a gooding she knew me from the time i was born up till this age
i don't wanna go to high untill i get pretty
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Academy Awards---Go TIM [Sunday
March 5th, 2006 at 1:46pm]
well tonight's the night..

The Academy Awards®

and i think Tim Burton is in one of the catogories so good luck Tim I hope he wins..man i am so bored noone is online...I'm bored...W00t i hope tim burton wins tonight if he does i'm going to be happy if he don't oh well..there's always next year..

well last night me mom and dad watched "walk the line" i liked it it was really good..i love reese witherspoon

well i'll update later

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March 3rd, 2006 at 9:05pm]
I Stole this from Thomas make sure to scroll to the other entry below this one

1] Do you believe the south will rise again? unknown
2] Do you drive a four-wheel drive automobile? i wish
3] Do you live in a mobile home? no
4] Is your car still primer gray? no
5] Do you like country music? no
6] Do you have a broken car in your back yard? no
7] Do you like the look of lifted thangs even if it is a car? no
8] Do you like to shoot things? yes
9] Do you set off fireworks whenever you feel like it? no
Total Yes: 1

1] Do you wear black eyeliner?: yeah
2] Is most of your clothing black?: no
3] Do you think about death often?: no
4] Do you want to die?: the only die i want is to die laughing
5] Are you a social outcast?: no
6] Are you pale?: yeah
7] Do you like Hot Topic?: yeah
8] Do you enjoy Tim Burton's Movies?: yeah
9] Are you mean?: sometimes
Total YES: 4

--Skater Punk--
1] Can you skateboard?: nope
2] Do you wear Vans?: huh
3] Do you do stupid stuff with your friends? yup
4] Have you gotten in trouble with the PIGS: what
5] Do you listen to punk bands: idk
6] Do you have any piercings?: yes
7] Do you like/wear mohawks? no
8] Do you wear Band t-shirts: no
9] Have you called someone a poser?: oh hell yeah
Total YES: 3

1] Do you say the word "like": yes
2] Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: no
3] Are the A&F models hot?: no
4] Do you pop the collar?: no
5] Do the people in Hot topic scare you?: no
6] The only nerd you like is Seth Cohen: who
7] Do you watch LAGUNA BEACH?: just to make fun of it
8] Do you like pop music: yes
9] Do you want/have a little dog?: no
Total YES: 3

1] Is your hair long?: yeah
2] Do you own a tye-dye shirt?: no
3] Do you want peace?: yes
4] Do you want to save the animals?: yes
5] Do you think the war is unnecessary?: yup
6] Is love essential in your life?: idk
7] Violence is bad: not really
8] Have you smoked pot?: no
9] Do you go long periods of time without shaving?: my legs yes but other parts no

Total YES: 4

1] Are you from the ghetto?: idk
2] Do you own "bling bling"?: no
3] Do you wear do-rags?: no
4] Do you like hip-hop?: no
5] Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world? who
6] Do you believe he's alive?: who
7] Do you like afros?: no
8] Have you ever said "Fo Shizzle": no
9] Do you like to dance?: yeah
Total YES: 1

1] Do you cry often?: yes
2] Are you emotional?: sumtimes
3] Do you like soft music: no
4] Do people not understand you?: yes
5] Do you write your own songs?: YES
6] Is your hair dyed dark?: not yet
7] Do you cut?: used too in 6th grade but life is too precious to give it all to a knife
8] Are you lonely?: no
9] Is Ohio for lovers?: who knows
Total YES: 3

1] Do you surf?:no
2] Do you wear flip flops year-round?: no
3] Is your hair shaggy?: no
4] Do you wake up at 6 or before every morning?: no
5] Do you own any pairs of shorts? yes
6] Are you tan?: there aren't any freckles on my chest so no
7] Do you have a lot of patience?: not really
8] Do you want to be at the beach right now?: yes
9] Do you hate tourists?: no

Total YES: 2

1] Do you wear glasses: sumtimes
2] Do you get good grades? no
3] Do you use an inhaler?: haha no
4] Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets?: hah no
5] Does your mom pick out your clothes?: hahah no
6] Are you on the computer often?: yes
7] Do you ever get picked on?: yes but cause i act wierd
8] Do you look forward to go to school?: yeah to see my homies
9] Are you shy around the opposite sex?: no
10] Do people laugh at you? yeah and who gives a damn
total YES:5

I'm a ............geek????? what the i ain't no geek i'm a girl of rock
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March 3rd, 2006 at 8:58pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

. Thank the person who tagged you:

2. List five random/strange/weird things about you.

*I love Tim Burton
*I'd marry my guitar
*I have a dark side but i'm not goth
*i like Black [hey it goes with everything]
*i sometimes have spazams---i will be walking and my leg will hit something and i have to turn around and touch it with my other leg to see if anything is different

3. Tag five other people:

*your mom
*momma cosmo
*chicken little

hey peeps i have to get a pic of my new Connies (converses) they are alsome and wierd but i think they match my personality...wierd bye leave me comments

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March 2nd, 2006 at 4:21pm]
Hurray my computer is working well alot has happened since about 2 wks i went to Skyla's house and i took my guitar, my amp, and my microphone and microphone stand and we played "i love rock 'n' roll" i played and she sang it was kick ass..then we watched Saw II and omfg that is the best yet it is so unpredictable..then we watched a little bit of corpse bride then we went to sleep and woke up and went walking were the trees have been cut and we could walk from her house straight to the river and then we looked at all the wrecked cars then i went home and the next day she came with me to walmart and we did stupid things and this goth looking dude said he liked my jack skellington sweater Wierd
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February 18th, 2006 at 6:48pm]
well i haven't updated in...a week so here goes..
i haven't done anything this whole week..i stayed home and did nothing all day today.right now i'm talking to Thomas online about the weather that sound like something old people do.. i've been playing oggie's revenge all day and i had such a hard time

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February 12th, 2006 at 4:14pm]
omg i'm so freakin mad i hate it i'm sick of it i can't take it i'm getting me a new life with new friends that like me
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February 12th, 2006 at 12:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

woot i love this snow it has to be the best since i was in the 5th grade..i think..well last night i talked to lee about five minutes..then i watched Corpse Bride for like the billionth time ...and now well i don't know i'm kinda hopin the sun goes in and theres no school tomorrow..if we have school tomorrow i'm going to be really mad..i highly doubt we will though..well NO ONE IS ONLINE AND I'M HYPER

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Update [Saturday
February 11th, 2006 at 8:48pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hey everyone..
well i've done absolutly nothing...i'm bored and i wanna go to the movies..i think tomorrow me and lee are going to the movie with manisha and them..i've never even met them i hope they like me so yeah i've got a little sumtin to look forward...ok so here is what went on when i went on my field trip

well we left at about..8:40..and we all got on the bus i sat with michael a while then i sat with becca the rest of the way..someoen had brought there 20 Q ball with them so we tried to make it say bad things..we got at the art museum at about 10 i think...and we got off the bus and went in and got refreshment and it tasted like sparkling beer so we all thought we were getting drunk off of it.lol..then we look around and it was boring and dumb..the we left and someone had stole triple j's money so we had to wait outside the bus a while and he never got it back..then we went to the mall.and we got in groups..it was me, Michael, Becca, sometime brette and princton, and Olivia,(thanks to becca J/K) so when we got there we had to eat sumtin before we went shopping..me and becca and michael got a lil ice cream cone and olivia by god got a poo poo platter it looked like and it took forever till we actually left to shop..so when we finished we went to hibits and got nothing, then we went to FYE...i got Corpse Bride DVD and a Corpse Bride calander..and olivia said to me "you must think tim burton is the whiskers on the cat" and i was like "yeah whiskers" then we went to Game Stop and i got The nightmare b4 x-mas oogies revenge and michael got a basketball game.. then we went back to fye and anthony carroll asked to by MCRcause becca couldn't get it cause she was under age but so is anthony and he was like you can't buy it your not 16..then we went our seprate wayz and me and michael played to games of air hockey while we listened to olivia say "we only have 7 minutes before we have to leave"..so then we went home and it was so, much fun..

i watched Corpse Bride 5x today and i'm still ain't tired


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January 23rd, 2006 at 4:39pm]
ok my mom gave me this brilliant plan
for my birthday i'm throwing a costume party....now don't get to excited some of you cause it's invitation only that means if you don't get an invite than obvisiouly don't trust or love you..but the costume party is gonna be Nightmare Before Christmas...everyone who is invited will get to wear a funky costume from the movie..i don't care if your the tombstones in the movie...we'll i don't know if i can really throw this party but if i do that's what i'm gonna do...
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